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Kickstart Moment

My Diet!

How I lost weight without starving Myself, Issue 02, Kickstart Moment  


How I lost weight without starving myself,                    

Issue: Kick Start moment. 

On our last edition, I talked to you about the difficulties of losing weight; how I tried diet after diet. I tried milkshake powders, diet pills, and starving myself. Nothing seemed to work long term.  These things only worked for a very short period of time. That way of eating never lasts, and the weight always came right back, and I ended up gaining more weight than before. I realized I could go all day eating the right things, but at nighttime, I had my biggest problem. I would be very hungry, so I would eat the wrong kind of foods,  only to fall victim to discouragement, guilt, and shame. I remember starting off each diet off with a desire to lose weight, thinking the less I eat, the quicker I'll lose the weight. But once again I was wrong. I remember asking myself this question:  Why are you so hungry all the time? I didn't know that my hunger pangs could be used as fuel to burn weight. I started doing research on foods, and how to use food as a fuel to burn weight, and I discovered I have been doing it all wrong for years. I have been eating less, hoping to lose weight fast. I didn't realize that my body has been going into starvation mode, storing the food up so it can use it when it thinks it's the right time to protect me.  My metabolism was very slow to nonexistent. I could go for days eating next to nothing and lose hardly anything.  And then, when I finally ate something I would lose weight. "Go figure."  I found out by trials and errors that if I'm going to lose weight, I must eat!  And that's what I did! 

 Well, let me tell you how this weight loss journey began. 

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How I lost weight without starving myself, Issue 01, Aug 09,2017 

Hey, AdornHim family and friends, I get asked all the time, "Hey, Rick how did you lose so much weight?   What's your secret?  And my answer to them:  I ate my way to becoming thin. Yes, that's right.  I ate and ate. Let me explain.  For years and years, I tried diet after diet, all kinds of weight loss pills, and milkshakes, many different fads of diets.  And nothing worked for me. I would lose a pound or two, only to gain it back. I stayed hungry oftentimes, not even being able to sleep because I was so hungry at night. I ended up always cheating at night. I could make it through a whole day and not cheat, but at nighttime is where I would always have problems, or cheat. Going to bed hungry is not a good feeling.  Take it from me; I truly know about that. I remember always being so hard on myself and feeling so bad after I ate. I felt like I wasted another day of starving myself only to give in at nighttime. What a horrible feeling of guilt, shame, and condemnation. I believe and know without a shadow of a doubt, everyone who wants to lose weight can. You need something first that I call a KICK START-moment. Yep, that's right.  A KICK START-moment. I personally believe everyone will have one.

Find out in the next blogs about a Kick Start-moment, food to eat to get full and lose weight, and how to talk yourself out of eating the wrong things.

Until next time,


Rick Dorn.

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