How I lost weight without starving Myself, Issue 02, Kickstart Moment


How I lost weight without starving myself,                    

Issue: Kick Start moment. 

On our last edition, I talked to you about the difficulties of losing weight; how I tried diet after diet. I tried milkshake powders, diet pills, and starving myself. Nothing seemed to work long term.  These things only worked for a very short period of time. That way of eating never lasts, and the weight always came right back, and I ended up gaining more weight than before. I realized I could go all day eating the right things, but at nighttime, I had my biggest problem. I would be very hungry, so I would eat the wrong kind of foods,  only to fall victim to discouragement, guilt, and shame. I remember starting off each diet off with a desire to lose weight, thinking the less I eat, the quicker I'll lose the weight. But once again I was wrong. I remember asking myself this question:  Why are you so hungry all the time? I didn't know that my hunger pangs could be used as fuel to burn weight. I started doing research on foods, and how to use food as a fuel to burn weight, and I discovered I have been doing it all wrong for years. I have been eating less, hoping to lose weight fast. I didn't realize that my body has been going into starvation mode, storing the food up so it can use it when it thinks it's the right time to protect me.  My metabolism was very slow to nonexistent. I could go for days eating next to nothing and lose hardly anything.  And then, when I finally ate something I would lose weight. "Go figure."  I found out by trials and errors that if I'm going to lose weight, I must eat!  And that's what I did! 

 Well, let me tell you how this weight loss journey began. 


 My Kickstart-Moment 

 I remember being asked to lead worship at a good friend's church. After the service was over, one of the choir members gathered everyone together for some quick pictures. I ended up telling the person who took the pictures to send me a copy of the pictures.   I received the text with the pictures a day or so later. As I looked at the picture, I didn't see myself in them. So I texted the camera person again, and asked if they could resend the pictures with me in them. Her reply was, "Are you kidding me?  You don't see yourself in those pictures?!"  Little did I know that I had gained so much weight that I didn't recognize myself in a photo with many other people. How embarrassing was that moment?  It changed my life forever. Ever since that day, there is a mental picture that I keep in my head that I use as a kickstarter moment. It's that picture of me. Not recognizing the person that I'd become.  What a horrible feeling.  For the first time, I spoke to myself and said, "Man, you let yourself go." I finally looked at myself in the mirror and had an eye-opening moment. I prayed about how I felt to the Lord, and these words dropped in my spirit. 1. You must begin to love yourself. 2. You must begin to encourage yourself. 3. Small changes will result in a big outcome. As I fell asleep that night, I remembered having a peace like never before. When I woke up the next morning, I was led to go to the mirror and say these words:  "I am transformed.  I am renewed." As I am driving to work, I act like a football coach with his team down at halftime, saying and encouraging myself, "Let's go!  You know you can do it! You got this!"  Every morning I talk to myself about the food I ate the previous day.  I will say "Hey, man, you blew it yesterday.  You know what you have to do today!  Or I'll say, "Good job, Rick.  That's what I'm talking about.  You did good!"  I believe we have to start being real with ourselves.  You have to be the coach over your body, praising yourself when you do good, encouraging yourself when you get sidetracked.  In the next edition, I want to share with you the food I ate that kept me full and helped me lose over 50 pounds. 

Until next time, 

"You are transformed"

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