How I lost weight without starving myself, Issue 01, Aug 09,2017

Hey, AdornHim family and friends, I get asked all the time, "Hey, Rick how did you lose so much weight?   What's your secret?  And my answer to them:  I ate my way to becoming thin. Yes, that's right.  I ate and ate. Let me explain.  For years and years, I tried diet after diet, all kinds of weight loss pills, and milkshakes, many different fads of diets.  And nothing worked for me. I would lose a pound or two, only to gain it back. I stayed hungry oftentimes, not even being able to sleep because I was so hungry at night. I ended up always cheating at night. I could make it through a whole day and not cheat, but at nighttime is where I would always have problems, or cheat. Going to bed hungry is not a good feeling.  Take it from me; I truly know about that. I remember always being so hard on myself and feeling so bad after I ate. I felt like I wasted another day of starving myself only to give in at nighttime. What a horrible feeling of guilt, shame, and condemnation. I believe and know without a shadow of a doubt, everyone who wants to lose weight can. You need something first that I call a KICK START-moment. Yep, that's right.  A KICK START-moment. I personally believe everyone will have one.

Find out in the next blogs about a Kick Start-moment, food to eat to get full and lose weight, and how to talk yourself out of eating the wrong things.

Until next time,


Rick Dorn.

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